Thursday, September 30, 2004

There is something wrong with my email. For some reason, I did not get the email from the Top-Notch Appellate litigators who condemned the nameless former law clerks at the Supreme Court who allegedly whined to Vanity Fair about Bush v. Gore. Like many of the signatories, I was not a member of “the elect” but I am a member of the Federalist Society, therefore it must be the fault of a technical glitch that I was not asked to sign a letter demanding confidentiality from law clerks, even though, like most top-notch appellate litigators, I do my best to find out everything I can about the judges I either argue before or lecture to.

Monday, September 20, 2004

"How Appalling" has a sponsor: No, I haven't entered into a twelve-step program to rid myself of an addition to blogging and Googling myself to find out how much of a top-notch appellate litigator I y’am. Rather, the purpose of this post is to point out that the good folks at Goatse.cx will be sponsoring "How Appalling" for the next two months, and maybe longer. Indeed, I believe that Constitution allows individuals to be forced to sponsor How Appalling indefinitely? You mean that the opportunity to sponsor "How Appalling" exists? Apparently so. This offer is good until the war on terror eneds. Please give me money.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Heritage of Truth! As I noted here and here I have been in constant communication with the good folks at the Heritage Foundation. As all of you know, I am well-regarded by the Heritage Foundation because the Heritage Foundation thinks that I am an unbiased purveyor of appellate truth, in the forms of textbites. If the Heritage Foundation relies on me, then they must be true and honest.

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