Monday, July 19, 2004

There is no bad press.  I have decided that it takes a big man to have detractors.  I have therefore decided to link in my blogroll to Greedy Clerksthe other How Appalling and to this How Appalling, although I have taken care to make sure that this site is sidled with the denigrating title of "How Appalling II."  Of course, longtime readers of How Appalling know just what a big move this is for me.  My former position was that I would delete blogroll links to people who criticize me (like Greedy Clerks) and while I would link to an article about How Appalling, I wouldn't link to this site itself.
Of course, I had to change my policy of de-linking those who insult me.  Otherwise, I would be forced to remove my link to the Wall Street Journal, which today dissed me by publishing an article about Sentencing Law and Policy blog without mentioning me.

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