Friday, July 02, 2004

A reminder: Sometime in the morning of Tuesday, July 6, 2004, I will post the July 2004 installment of "20 questions for the appellate judge." No matter what time I post it, however, I will make sure to backdate it to appear that I posted it at exactly midnight.

Warning: If I don't hear from an appellate judge to be interviewed for August, then this feature will cease. I mean it, I'll do it. I really will. Appellate judges should come to me, preferably on bended knee, and beg for the opportunity to be interviewed. But make sure to do it before July 9. I won't give any extensions! I really will stop doing 20 questions. Wouldn't that be terrible? So all you judges who read me, and I know you read me because you love me and you write me e-mail, if you love 20 questions, and I know you do because it was my idea and how could anyone not love my idea? If you love it and you don't want me to stop, which I really will do, by the way, then you better volunteer.

I'm just saying that I really will stop doing it.

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