Saturday, May 22, 2004

I’m pissed. As most of you know, the Democrats and the Republicans put aside their differences over appellate judges for the time being. This means, in effect, that the rhetoric of the constitution and qualifications was rhetoric. I dutifully reported it all!

Then, the constitution was amended. I reported on that here. Well, it wasn’t really modified but a wacko said it was modified. However, it was my duty to report on it. Also, Rape Monthly has a cover story entitled "She Passed Out." Finally, to top it all off and put a cherry on it, some punk-ass law professor calls me a jerk. Then, my blog gets haxored and the world who reads my blog thinks I said, "...send in the hope that I might give a damn" here.

On the up-side, The Washington Times reports here that more teenage girls are having sex. I am totally shocked. I thought they did noting but read my blog. This must have something to do with the decline of moral values in America. In my day, teenage girls did nothing but read "How Appealing" and talk about it with their friends.

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