Wednesday, April 14, 2004


A very important “How Appalling Reader” has IM’ed me. For those of you who don’t know “IM” is a device whereby REALLY FAMOUS people can talk to me without having to use the “e-mail.” A little box pops up on my desktop and with the “screen-name” of the person who is emailing me. So, for example, on some days “DuCkFaCeKiLla” will appear, and on other days “kItTyMiKiNnOn69” will appear, and I will proceed to talk to them.

Anyhow, this afternoon I received the following “Instant” message:

PRyOr11cir: U there?
Bashing: Asl?
PRyOr11cir: 44/M/11th cir hahah! Rofl
Bashing: kewl. What you up to?
PRyOr11cir: I M chln n d cta11, hoping dat Kerry wiL lose d election & I wiL b 4e n my post.
Bashing: cn I ask U 20 :-Qz? 4 my blog. mAbE U hav heard of it here, here, here, here, here, or here.
PRyOr11cir: n. I d internet iz 4 fags. I onlE IM ppl. I cn TLK 2 aL of my fRnds n d Fedrlst Sosiete DIS way.
Bashing: Do U suport d law clerk hirering plan?
PRyOr11cir: I hav my own plan 2 hire law clerks. I gota L%k out 4 # 1. dat iz me. I hire d law clerks dat hlp me out, wen I wnt. I M freestyle, ya knO.
Bashing: wot bout splitting d ninth circuit in2 a zillion pieces lIk midevil o somTIN?
PRyOr11cir:I rly admire d co-circuits of d ninth circuit, & d ninth circuit wud b much BetA f ther wer mo of dem
Bashing: wot judges do U admire?
PRyOr11cir: d 3:o)z on SX court.

And it went on like this until I had twenty questions and about thirty answers. I will release it at a certain "special" time, but I won't tell you the when, so my readers have to keep checking this blog. My clients will get to see the full IM-transcript sooner. The point is that “PRyOr11cir” was talking to me! This means that I am really I as important as say, two Volokh brothers standing on top of each other and chilling with Alex Kozinski.

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