Thursday, April 29, 2004

Pearl Necklaces and Legal Analysis on the Enemy Combatant Cases: Tony Mauro, of the The Legal Times Reports here that "But in the end, it remained unclear where the Court may come down." Also, in Legal Affairs (the first general-interest magazine about the law for non-lawyers as well as lawyers -- all other legal magazines bow before it) reports here that Justice Margaret Marshall wore a "tailored black pantsuit, black heels, and double strands of pearls around her neck and one wrist."

Congratulations to the winners of the writing competition at Legal Affairs: a magazine about people who have heard of Yale Law School. The winners, the majority of which are not only from Yale Law School but will clerk for appellate judges. The competition between the judges for clerks that won the competition consisted of general-knowledge questions about How Appealing and a swimsuit competition. From time to time I go to Pennsylvania, therefore one token winner attends the University of Pennsylvania law school.

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