Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Next Set of 20 Questions.: The Greedy Clerks have agreed to be the next guest on "20 Questions with an Appellate Judge." While I have eliminated them from the links on the right-hand side of the page because they dared to question my infallibility, and make fun of my name, I figure that it is necessary to massage their egos by asking them 20 questions as I was too busy to interview myself as was briefly noted on this blog. While Greedy Clerks are not appellate judges, their egos are almost as large, and they are widely purported to be the electronic manifestations of the demons that lurk inside the souls of appellate judges, so it is almost the same -- perhaps better! Already suggested questions have been flooding my mailbox and instant-message thingy. However, because they are so wonderful that even a top-notch appellate litigator could not bear to hear their voices, I will not verbalize the questions, but they will be promoted to answer the questions anyway. In national news, the south rose again. Just kidding.

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