Thursday, April 15, 2004

News about me from around the world!

As many of you who follow my blog know, I am blogging from a baseball game. Many of you have not yet sent in your donations that would allow me to blog from a baseball game, in § 123. So, if you happen to see me at the baseball game in § 123, be sure and send me $50. Remember, it is your moral duty to pay for what you use. I accept money via Amazon or Paypal. So, if you are at the baseball game, you can walk within three rows of me, and using your wireless PDA, send me money. I will wave at you. If you have not paid yet, stop reading now. Everyone paid up? Good. Mr. Poon really likes this post. He does. He said so here! Nate agreed here. Legal Affairs, a magazine that I really like has an article about saying bad things about your boss on a blog. I would never do that.

Remember folks, keep checking this blog as I might post the entire instant message transcript of my unprecedented chat with PRyOr11cir at any time. I have already released it to my very best clients! They all responded that I was an "l33t 1tg8r."

Tech Law Advisor mentions me here. However, he does not praise me. This has thrown me for a loop because it never happened before. Law From the Center says here that this blog is dead. However, my spirits are lifted because The Greedy Clerks, are engaged in their normal antics of accusing each other of having multiple identities. What is important to understand, is that their conversation revolves around me! Now they (my spirits, that is) are even higher because I googled myself and got this pic. She must be an appellate litigator or something. I was site of the week of the Oklahoma Bar Association. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will be protested at Seaton Hall Law School by people who don't like her. I like her. A letter to the editor in the Fairbanks New-Miner reads, in part "I want to commend Ed for being open and proud of who he is and openly saying it." Finally, in sexy sex news, a letter to the editor (p. 23 of .pdf file) in the Washington Express declares, "I sat down on a red line train and looked up to see a disgusting ad for Alitalia airlines." Readers of the Washington Express will note that a reply appears in the Washington Express today. However, it is not posted online. So, if you have a copy of the Washington Express from today, and wish to email it to me, please arrange the words of the letter into a format that can be played by a string quartet and email it to me. Also, if you have a copy of the disgusting ad, please send me a link to it.

Update: Tech Law Advisor updated this post regarding this blog to include the words "all praise How Appalling how we missed ye!" This is a sufficient amount of praise to warrant pie.

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