Friday, April 16, 2004

My worlds are colliding! The American Bar Association's publication, the ABA Journal, has a story in its weekly eReport, about this site called "Flogging the Blogger." I am quoted, both in my orignal and parodied version.

Although I say in the article that I find the existence of How Appalling to be "an honor and distinction," I still refuse to link to it from my blog. I am, however, in a quandry. How can I point out this awesome coverage in the ABA Journal eReport, without at least tacitly acknowledging the existence of How Appalling?

If any of you have an answer to my quandry, I would love you hear from you in email, a process which you can initiate by clicking here.

Update: I decided to tread a middle course. In this post I acknowlege the ABA Journal eReport's article, but do not acknowledge How Appalling.

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