Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Good news and bad news! The Greedy Clerks have said good things about my blog here, here, and here. On the bad side, is seems that many of the Greedy Clerks, when logging on from home, use Macs or AOL. Since I get many hits from USCourts.gov and the Supreme Court, I am quite disappointed that such respect is diluted by hits from AOL.com.

Even though I pretend to know very little about computers, because I am a top-notch appellate litigator I know that not using Unix is unprofessional behavior. Would you like it if I did not submit my wonderous high-quality briefs to your judges or do everything that Kozinski tells me to do to lose an appeal? I think not. Well, reading my blog using a Mac, or AOL shows very little respect for such a high quality class-act tip-top A1 best-of-the-batch litigator like myself! Finally, stay tuned to Goldstein and Howe's blog for details about the Gitmo oral arguments today. Did you know that I giggle like a schoolgirl when I say "ScotusBlog"?

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