Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Feeding Frenzy: I now have an RSS-feed in my blog, which is now part of a news magazine. This way, people whose blogs consist of newsfeeds can now have access to my blog which is a newsfeed in itself. This is pretty trippy. Speaking of that, John Gibbons, who argued for the petitioner in Rasul, was on the Third Circuit. He retired. See, if I was on the Third Circuit I would get to argue in front of the Supreme Court after I retire. Also, Bag and Baggage, written by my friend Denise Howell, who also is a top-notch appellate practitioner, says "Have you ever wondered what a federal appellate judge might sound like in IM-speak?" and then links to me! And finally a reader emails me to say:

Dear Howard,

I heard that appellate and intellectual property lawyer Denise Howell is being seriously considered for the Third Circuit. Jealous?

Well, I would never be jealous of appellate and intellectual property lawyer Denise Howell. Not a bit. This reminds me of a trivia question. Since Ms. Howell lives in the geographic area that is known as the "Ninth Circuit" can someone name a judge in the Third Circuit who has his chambers in the Ninth. Hint: it is in my "20 questions with an appellate judge." So read it, and click on whatever banner ads that Legal Affairs, a nonprofit organization might have seen fit to put beside it.

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