Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Civil Liberties in the News: A reminder to all of you anxiously awaiting oral arguments in Padilla v. Rumsfeld, a case involving the executive’s power to detain American citizens: Legal Affairs provides up-to-the-every-other-month human-interest stories about the legal profession and can be yours for a small fee. The money goes to my fourth alma mater: Yale Law School. Also, Lawschool.com, edited by Stan Chess, announces in the middle of their page that "LawSchool.com is offering a reward of $5,000 to the first person providing info leading to the indictment and conviction of the individual who has been sabotaging the LawSchool.com website by posting large quantities of racist and otherwise offensive comments." I wonder if the Green Bag (the only humor that accomplished appellate litigators are allowed to talk about) will make a bobblehead of Stan Chess, who does what I do. Only with law students. And not as much. And certainly not in the Third Circuit (which is, by the way, the dancingist circuit). If someone could email me a link to the "racist material" and "offensive material," and include some kind words about my blog, I would greatly appreciate it. Finally, I found this complaint letter about me, here. None of it is true. Therefore, I will be deleting the link to it. Please do not click on it.

Update: Stan Chess started his own law school, Manhattan Law School here. Stay tuned to this website for details of my own law school which will utilize the cutting-edge technology of Movable Type.

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