Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Overpundit weighs in on Jeremy Blachman, mean-spirited humor, and material things as a source of self worth here and here.

I think Mr. OP and Jeremy Blachman are right. This is mean-spirited, cynical humor. It's too easy to do anonymously. This blog is done. There are only two jokes left to make that I can think of, and they are:

1) Wow, yesterday was another record-breaking day. How Appalling received XXX hits, topping our previous record of XXX hits. (In fact, yesterday was a record-breaking day; in fact every day has been record-breaking except Sunday.)

2) More jokes about the important people who read and e-mail How Appalling.

Assume these jokes have been made. I've learned something, and though I hope Mr. Bashman continues to devote the insane amount of time he does to How Appealing, I also hope that How Appalling has helped him find a way to take himself a little less seriously.

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