Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"The funniest blog in the sphere." So says Overpundit about this blog. Jeremy Blachman points out that it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. In this case, Blachman himself is bothered by the fact that Overpundit declared that in capturing the title of "funniest blog," How Appalling usurped Blachman. Jeremy makes the point that he has been doing this for a long time and probably shouldn't be bothered that people are amused by this upstart, but he is. He then goes on to criticize this blog as "mean-spirited," and predicts that it will have no longevity.

Although I firmly believe that the criticism doled out here is entirely warranted, Jeremy is essentially correct. This pony's one trick is, by my calculations, just about played, unless I start getting some mail from prominent How Appalling readers that I can't wait to allow to remain anonymous.

Update: Jeremy should be pleased that with this post, this blog has topped 2,000 words (if you count the bylines and dates).

Update 2: Jeremy apparently deleted the post that was the subject of this post, having decided (consistent with the tone of the original post) that it was really no big deal. Jeremy kindly acknowleges that the post did exist, keeping this blog from looking insane. This incident exposes the slimy underbelly of the blogging world: We constantly check our referrers to find out who's linking to us, then follow those links to find out what they are saying. I found Jeremy's post after it had been deleted, and probably wouldn't have found the overpundit post were it not for his link to it. It's a sad world.

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